Your Project Deserves Good Words

Laser Beams

"Laser beams man!" The old man shouted into the funnies, recalling his days in the war. 

"Aliens are among us man, I mean I'm not saying they were the Charlie we were always screaming about, but maybe they were. No one can really know."

You could tell he was someone they all put up with. Let him go on walks to get his coffee and paper. Secretly hoping he would get lost and fail to return to the house and end up on the electric highway signs.

*Missing Elderly*

"The thing about it is that they seem nice and all...and very curious. I think it's the technology."

New balance. Scuffed white leather. Yellowed laces. Faded glory jeans. Legs folded. Knee over knee, kicking his sneaker in and out. Blue and yellow striped panhandle slim pearl snap shirt covered with a navy blue zip up. His face held his raybans in such a way that he looked like the original Club Master.

"You wanna know something, son. I don't know who you are or where you are from, but I know one thing. They could swoop down here and take you anywhere, but you still got a home. I know that's for sure. Whether it's with your parents or in your own place with new people, everyone's gotta place. And all I'm saying is, despite all this other stuff and who might come and get me, it's good to be home."

He stood, poured his steaming coffee through the newsprint and into the holly bush next to the bench. He untied and retied both shoes and went back inside for a fresh cup.