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winter haiku

This series of Haiku was written in the car while road tripping on Christmas Day.


A thin narrow path

crescents like a finger nail-

the thumb of the mount.


The turgid bull frog

warms on the smooth asphalt-

sleeps like a tadpole.


the river replied,

"I am mighty you will see,

meet me by the cliffs."


Butcher paper hides

the pimply boy's gift to mom.

Poorly wrapped Christmas.


The house smells like sage

and tobacco from the pouch

when the heat comes on.


Man, It'd be somethin'

if we could get ol' Leroy

to come for Christmas.


There's a small squeak

coming from the old man's boot

as he limps along.


Of all the black birds

You are the most frightening--

pointed beak and eyes.


The post man

delivers Christmas presents

instead of Santa.


The maple tree

In grandma's front yard

was chopped down this year.


The chimneys sending

pillars of smoke and ash

toward the stars like prayers.


Was that a bluejay

spinning in the branches

While the snow came down?


Did you hear me

when I awoke last night

from a dream of death?