Your Project Deserves Good Words

Let Us Go Then You and I,

How deliberate it seemed
When the rapture came
Laying hands on the saved
Dividing communities in half

How you and I waved goodbye to our homes
And most of our friends
Starting with a hover, then a flying motion

How sad we felt leaving
The doctors, lawyers, and our fellow blue collars
To defend themselves from impossible demons

How churchy even now my words seem
To describe a historical moment
Of death and life defined
The saddest moment of light and dark defined

The heavenly head count came up short
"We didn't all make it!"
Said some of the boisterous
While the others waited expectantly to see the king

How depressing it was to leave
Our friends to their swarming
Around the fluorescent false lights
Like moths on a fogged evening
Seeking a redemption that only destroys...

The brighter the light
The darker the night.
The steeper the cliff
The deeper the pit.

And how sad it was to see the globe
Disappear like a marble,
And to see the shooters laying on
The table,
As worlds we never saw with our veiled visage
Drifting away as heaven approaches our eyes.